ET Capital has raised and managed a series of funds focused on the globally significant cluster of science-based businesses around Cambridge, Oxford and London.

ET Capital Limited, founded in 1992, is an investor in high-growth technology businesses based in southern England. The firm has raised and managed a series of funds focused mainly on the globally significant cluster of science-based businesses around Cambridge, Oxford and London. Its first two funds, now closed, were backed by HSBC and the European Investment Fund.

Since 2004, ET Capital has managed the investments of Cambridge Research & Innovation Limited, an early-stage technology fund also investing in the Cambridge cluster. These investments included ADC Therapeutics SA – which floated on NYSE in May 2020 valued at $1.3B.

In 2018, ET Capital launched UK China Enterprise in partnership with UK China Enterprise LLP. UKCE is an early-stage venture fund focused on science-based businesses that have the potential to scale in China.

Also in 2018, ET Capital took on the management of Carbon Order, a pair of funds investing in Carbon Engineering Limited, a Squamish BC start-up focused on capturing CO2 directly from the atmosphere for sequestration or recycling. Occidental Petroleum acquired Carbon Engineering in August 2023 for $1.1B in cash.

ET Capital’s seventh and eighth funds, Carbon13 SEIS Fund I & II, are tied funds investing in businesses created by the Cambridge-based Carbon13 venture builder, intent on creating businesses to make a significant impact on the climate emergency.

ET Capital筹措并管理一系列基金,这些基金专注投资位于剑桥,牛津和伦敦的全球领先的科技企业

ET Capital Limited成立于1992年,是一家位于英格兰南部的高增长的投资公司。我公司筹措并管理一系列基金,这些基金专注投资于位于剑桥,牛津和伦敦的全球领先的科技企业。

自2004年以来,ET Capital一直管理着Cambridge Research & Innovation Limited(一家投资剑桥产业集群的早期科技基金)的投资业务。

2018年,我们与UK China Enterprise LLP(UCE)开始合作,并开始管理UK China Enterprise LLP。 UCE是一家初期风险投资基金,专注投资于剑桥、牛津和伦敦周边有潜力在中国扩大规模的科技型企业。近期,ET Capital开始管理Carbon Order,一家致力于开发从大气中捕获二氧化碳的低碳技术的专业基金。

Martin Rigby

Managing Director

Martin Rigby, is managing director of ET Capital Limited. A venture capital investor for over 30 years, he has made and managed investments in over 50 innovative technology businesses, principally in information technology and life sciences. Before founding ET Capital in 1992, he was an investment manager at 3i plc in Cambridge specialising in early stage technology investments. He was co-founder and CEO of Psonar, the Pay As You Go streaming music service. He is chairman of FSE Group, a fund management group managing a series of equity and loan funds across eastern England, the Home Counties, London and the South West. He was chairman of MJog, the health monitoring and messaging service provider sold to Kry Group in 2020 and was a non-executive director of Bango plc, the AIM quoted mobile payments provider. He is an advisory board member of The Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship at Cranfield University. He read history for his first degree at New College, Oxford, has an MBA from Cranfield and a degree in IT and Computing from The Open University.

David Gill

Non-executive Director

David Gill started his career in investment banking with Chase Investment Bank, moving to Greenwell Montagu in 1988. After which he joined the corporate finance department of Midland Bank plc, specialising in advising smaller growth companies. After the acquisition of Midland by HSBC he became Head of Technology & Innovation for the UK bank. In 2004-5 he was a Sloan Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, immediately prior to joining ET Capital as director. He is an Associate of the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University. He read English for his first degree at Magdalene College, Cambridge before being called to the Bar by the Middle Temple 1983. On 1 December 2008, he became managing director of St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge.

James Griffiths

Investment Director

James Griffiths has been a technology investor for over 15 years, backing businesses in fields including analytical measurement technology, biomedical technology, agritech and cleantech. At ET Capital he specialises in low carbon and green technology investments. Previously he was programme manager and fund manager for the Low Carbon Innovation Fund operated by the University of East Anglia. He has lived and worked in Japan where he developed an interest in innovation funding in east and south-east Asia. He has a law degree from from Bristol University and is a Chartered Management Accountant.